Dr. Edie Beguelin

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General Information

Dr. Edie Beguelin
316 E. Silver Spring Drive, Suite 301                                    
Milwaukee, WI  53217
(414) 962-9880

My office is located at the northeast corner of East Silver Spring Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard, approximately 0.5 miles east of
I-43 and approximately 0.2 miles west of Lake Drive.  You will not see my office from the street because it is located inside the FOX BAY BUILDING.  The FOX BAY THEATER is at the east end of the FOX BAY BUILDING and STARBUCK'S COFFEE is at the west end of
the building.  There is a large free parking lot directly behind the 
building to the north.  The main entrance to the back of the FOX
BAY BUILDING is 4-5 doors in from the west end of the building.
This entrance is a large glass door with glass block on both sides
of the door.  On the ledge above the door it reads "FOX BAY BLDG".
Once you enter the building, go to the third floor.  I am the first office you come to as you exit the elevator or stairs.
Monday: 1PM to 7PM
Tuesday: 1PM to 7PM
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 1PM to 7PM
Friday: 1PM to 7PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed